Real safety. Real health. Real difference.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.


S&W Seed Co.

Why Alex Thomas Wants You To #PlantASeedForSafety

Alex Thomas is a work place health and safety expert who has a unique and refreshing take on the subject. With a practical approach to on-farm safety, and her campaign ‘#plantaseedforsafety is changing the safety outlook in agriculture for the better. 

This episode is hosted by Tom Damin.

Talking Leadership

The Conflict Coach, The Kate Russell podcast with Alex Thomas

Kate talks with Alex Thomas who is passionate about the health and safety of people particularly in rural industries and communities.

Sarah's Country

“#SaveALifeListenToYourWife” with Alex Thomas & Harriet Bremner

#SaveALifeListenToYourWife. That’s the message coming from Safer Farms campaign #PlantASeedForSafety set to bring stronger awareness to on-farm health and safety. Sarah’s Country is joined by Australian founder Alex Thomas and Safer Farms’ Harriet Bremner.

Regional Voices


On Regional Voices, Alex Thomas tells Kendi Burness-Cowan how having conversations can lead to practical solutions – so everyone in farming, including family members who might not be out working on the property every day, talk about safety.

Talking Leadership

Australian Entrepreneurs Ep #01 – Alex Thomas FGLF

Episode #1 Talking Leadership: Australian Entrepreneurs.  A very open and frank discussion regarding Alex Thomas’ journey and views as an entrepreneur in South Australia.

The Rural Wellness Podcast

#PlantASeedForSafety- The Rural Wellness Podcast

Alex Thomas discusses the #PlantASeedForSafety Project, why she has started this movement, and what we can do at home plus everything else in-between when it comes to safety.

Real safety. Real health. Real difference.